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Acoustic cabinet
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Acoustic cabinet


A specially designed cabinet for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that helps improve sound quality, particularly in the bass range, while also protecting the speaker. The cabinet is placed either above the ceiling or behind the wall and acts as a cabinet for the speaker unit. As the cabinet is sealed, no sound will leak out into the area behind the units.


The BACKBOX-1 is specially designed in an acoustically optimized material and fits most in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. The volume of the cabinet is a full 25 liters, which provides a natural sound and an extended and dynamic bass range with most in-ceiling or in-wall speakers.


Another advantage of using the BACKBOX-1 is that it helps protect your speaker from dust, dirt, and humidity, which can affect both the sound quality and the speaker's lifespan. It also functions as an effective barrier against insects and small animals that can damage the speaker.


It is easy to install and can be mounted above the ceiling or behind a wall. The special material makes it easy to work with when cutting holes for the speaker. Cable passages can be drilled with a regular HSS or wood drill bit. The passage should be sealed with silicone.


To achieve the optimal quality, it is recommended to use MDM-2 or similar sound-absorbing material.


The BACKBOX-1 is manufactured in Denmark.





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