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Updated May 2018


1. Generel


  1. This policy concerns our handling of personal data ("GDPR") describes, how Monacor ("MO", "us", "our", "we") collect and handle information about you, when you communicate with us, order products from us or use our website (the "Website").
  2. We only deal with B-t-B customers, and the information we handle is therefore primarily related to the company you represent.
  3. If you contact us as a private person, your information will be handled according to this policy.
  4. GDPR covers personal data which you state to us, or which we collect via the Website or other sources.
  5. MO is data responsible for your personal data. All communication with MO can be done via the contact information stated in point 6.
  6. We use cookies on the Website, primarily to optimize your experience of the Website. This is described in our cookie policy (                      


2.      2. Which personal data do we collect and for what purpose

  1. When you visit the Website: We collect information about you and your use of the Website automatically, when you visit the Website. E.g. information about your IP adress, your browser, which pages you visit, which links you activate, and generally how you navigate and use the Website.
    The purpose is (to pursue our legitimate interest in) optimizing the user experience and the functionality of the Website and to be able to register how long visitors stay on the Website and to be able to show you more relevant information.
  2. When you enlist for our newsletter or similar request for marketing: We collect information about your name, your e-mail adress, your phone number, which company you represent, type of company, your consent and which product groups are relevant for your company. The purpose is to pursue our legitimate interest in sending you relevant marketing. 
  3. When you order products or receive an offer from us: We collect information about your name, your e-mail adress, the company you represent, your phone number, way of payment, details of the requested products and delivery time. The purpose is to be able to supply you with the offered/ordered products, including being able to fulfill the agreement we have made with you/the company you represent and to be able to administrate your rights for a claim. 
  4. When you have questions or general communication: We collect information about your name, your e-mail, your phone number, the company you represent and your question. The purpose is to be able to answer your question and to generally be able to offer you the service you request. 
  5. When you are the contact person of a company, who is registered as a customer: We collect information about your name, your e-mail, your phone number, the company you represent and other information which you choose to provide us with, except from sensitive information. The purpose is to be able to communicate with you, including on mail and phone, and to be able to offer you and the company you represent the best possible service, and to provide us the basis for offering your company relevant information. We also use this information to be able to send you/the company you represent information about products with may be relevant to you. 


3.     3. Receipients of personal data, including third country transmission

  1. We only share your information with a third party if we are obliged to do so by the authorities.
  2. Making data available for external handlers. Data which MO are responsible for may be transmitted to external co-operation partners, who handles the information on our behalf. These handlers have signed a legally binding confidentiality agreement. The may not under any circumstances use the data for other than our intended purpose.
  3. In case, some of our information is handled outside the EU/EEC, everything will be handled according to the standard contract definitions of the EU commission.


4.     4. When do we delete your personal data

  1. Information collected about your use of the Website, see point 2.1., will be deleted when you have not visited the Website for more than 36 months, at the latest.
  2. Information collected in connection with your communication with us, your inquries and requests for information will be deleted at the end of the following calendar year, as long as the data is not relevant to an ongoing case.
  3. Information collected, see point 2.3., will normally be deleted 5 years after the end of the calendar year where the agreement has been reached. However, the information will be stored for longer time, 1) if we have a legimate interest in keeping the information for a longer period, 2) if it is necessary to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, or 3) if the handling is necessary to comply with current laws. Accounting material is kept for 5 years until the of the calendar year to comply with accounting laws.
  4. Information collected in connection with your consent of receiving the newsletter will be erased when you withdraw your consent. However, the information will be kept for longer, if we have legitimate interests in doing so.


5.    5. Your rights. In order to be clear about the handling of your information, you will be informed about your rights in this section.

  1. The right to insight. You may at any time request information of what data we have registered about you, the purpose of the registration, receipient of the data (if any) as well as information about the origin of the data. You are in title to have a copy of the personal data we have registered about you at any time. Please send a request to 
  2. The right to correction. You are in title to have incorrect information about you corrected by us. If you become aware that we have wrong information, we urge you to send us a written request for correction.
  3. The right to deletion. In certain cases, you have the right to have all or parts of your personal data deleted by us, e.g. if you withdraw your consent and we do not have any legitimate interest in keeping your data. In case we still need to store some of your information, e.g. to comply with legal requirements, or in order to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, we are not obliged to delete your data.
  4. The right to limit the handling to storage. In certain cases you are in title to limit the handling of your personal data to storage, e.g. in case you feel that the data is incorrect.
  5. The right to objection. You are at any time entitled to object to our handling of your personal data with a view to direct marketing, including the handling that takes place in order to target our direct marketing. Furthermore, you may at any time object to our handling of your personal data based on legitimate interests, when the objection concerns your private situation.
  6. The right to withdraw consent. You may, at any time, withdraw the consent you have given us for handling your personal data, including enlisting for our newsletter.
  7. The right to complaint. A complaint about our handling of your personal data can be directed to 'Datatilsynet' (Danish organization). Complaints can be mailed to


6.     6. Contact information

  1. If you have any questions or comment to this policy, or wish to enforce one or more of your rights, please contact us on

7.     7. Changes in Personal data policy

  1. In case we make changes to the Personal data policy, it will immediately be made available on the Website.




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