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A series of headband microphones and earband microphones for universal applications, beige version for adapter systems.
With the supplied adapters, suitable for pocket transmitters from MONACOR and JTS. Further connection adapters for devices from other manufacturers are available at option.
Hyperlight miniature earband microphone,
with a high-quality cartridge, omnidirectional characteristic.
Practically invisible - outstanding sound technology! The HSE-70A/SK features a state-of-the-art appearance, technology and sound! This earband microphone is ideally suited for any application requiring perfect audibility and an accentuated sound. The high-quality back electret cartridge of omnidirectional characteristic with an optimised sound has been manufactured in Europe and provides a voice reproduction of the brilliant high range which is almost unparalleled. It always provides a high-quality sound even if the microphone is not perfectly aligned to the mouth. The innovative and almost invisible one-ear attachment with earband and earlobe support provides a perfect fit and makes it very comfortable to wear. This microphone is the solution where headband-based systems are rather inconvenient to use. Separate headphones can also be used simultaneously without any problems and without them being uncomfortable to wear.
Special technical feature:
The removable connection cable can be replaced by HSE-70C. With optional adapters, the microphone can also be operated with transmission systems from other manufacturers.

  • Wide transmission range
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Stable positioning
  • Drip ring (protects cartridge from moisture)
  • Removable sweat-proof connection cable with 2.5 mm stereo plug
  • With the supplied adapters, compatible with all TXS-...HSE pocket transmitters (3-pole mini XLR) and pocket transmitters from JTS (4-pole mini XLR)
  • Optional adapters allow the application with devices from other manufacturers
  • External power supply e.g. via phantom power supply adapter EMA-1 or EMA-300P
  • Windshield

tools4music 03/2012
“The HSE-70A/SK from IMG Stage Line impresses by a very good price-performance ratio, clear budget tip from the editors. Provides the most balanced and most practice-orientated sound. Conclusion: anyone who wants to invest in new headsets with a good price-performance ratio for every-day use should try out the HSE-150/SK and the earband microphone HSE-70A/SK in a personal test environment.”
+ Removable and replaceable connection cable
+ Comfortable to wear
+ Sound
+ Unobtrusive microphone
+ Very attractive price
+ Supplied with robust case
+ Supplied with two microphone windshields as replacement





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